Windows 10 Upgrade Configuration Special

Make Your Computer Streamlined, Easy-To-Use & Secure

Only $100 overnight in-shop (Other discounts do not apply)

Add your annual Tune-up for only $50 extra

Requires 3 to 4 hours, Great VALUE!



Mini Tune-up (Included)

Full Tune-up if needed regularly $100 (Discounted to $50)

Download & Install Windows 10 Upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1

Download & Install Windows 8.1 if needed* ($50 + 1 extra day)

Perform Windows 10 Upgrade

Answer 3 pages of initial Start-up questions to minimize Microsoft sharing of data

Configure Windows Updates

Reinstall Disk Cleanup & Windows Games after Windows 10 Upgrade

Set default Internet browser after Windows 10 Upgrade

Configure Internet Explorer & Edge Advanced Settings

Configure/associate common files to common programs

Clean-up & configure Customized TSTCW Windows 10 Start Pane

Install TSTCW Start Globe

Install TSTCW Shut Down & Restart Apps

Install Windows Updates

Install updated Windows device drivers as needed

Run Disk Defragmenter

Run Disk Cleanup

On-site set-up

Confirm printer operation

Confirm Internet connection

On-site Windows 10 familiarity instruction & questions answered


Call 727-366-5711

to schedule

* Windows 8 needs Windows 8.1 installed to upgrade to Windows 10


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