Tim The Computer Wizard History

In the 1980's I bought my second computer.  It was custom built cutting-edge technology, which I thought, cost over $4000.  My wife is sure it was over $7000.  The only problem, it was slower than my old computer.  The technician who built it refused to continue trying to fix it, so I bought the Time-Life book set, "Understanding Computers."  In the following months, I eventually found the problem and repaired it myself.  I was bitten by the bug and could not get enough technical computer information.

In 1987, I owned & managed a fully computerized dry cleaning plant in Largo, FL.  One day I was next door at Eckerd Drugs talking to the manager about their new screen saver CD.  Customers could have their film developed and the pictures could also be put on CD to be used as a computer screen saver.  The only problem, none of them worked.  I asked if I could take a look at his computer.  In less than a minute, I disabled the Windows screen saver and the CD worked.  He yelled, “You are the computer wizard!"  The name stuck.

In 1998 I started working for TechForce, a nationwide company that provided extended warrantee service for Sears, Best Buy & Circuit City.  All techs started in the Technical Support Representative 1 position.  Within 9 months I was promoted to Technical Support Representative 2.  Three months later, promoted to Technical Support Representative 3/Lead Technician.  My second year responsibilities included project management and project installation duties.  In my third year I managed a DSL residential/commercial install project in the Northeast USA (1000 installs per month).  I also managed the nation-wide tech support center, supporting over 3700 individual field technicians, up to 40 in-house technicians, a PC repair depot and a logistics/inventory control team responsible for the procurement of up to 12,000 computer parts per month and the 2-way shipment of up to 30,000 parts per month. A first-line problem determination group was also assigned to my responsibility.  I have traveled nationally as Technical Advisor to the Vice-President on all project pilots and I assisted in pricing and finalizing Statements of Work.  I also possess a background screening to perform in-home work for Sears.

Assignments included: New Business Technical Manager, DSL Install Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager for TechForce/United Rentals Phase III Conversions and United Rentals Helpdesk Lead Technician. Assistant Project Manager for Emery World Wide network installation contract. I also wrote installation & support procedures for Emery Worldwide network conversion. I achieved certification for A+, Paradyne DSL, Packard Bell, IBM, Compaq and HP.  I had also performed the tasks of Head of Retail Operations, Head of Desktop Tech Support, PC Depot Repair Manager, Logistics/Inventory Control Manager and Problem Determination Manager. This organization maintained up to 140 team members.


In 2007, Sears had stopped selling computers, Circuit City was building the Fire Dogs, Best-Buy had the Geek Squad.  The company, now Orange Business Services offered great severance packages.  This made reducing the team down to the eventual closing, painless for all.


In 2008, the company, Tim The Computer Wizard was created.



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