Windows 10/11 New Computer Configuration Special

Make Your New Computer SECURE, Streamlined & Easy-To-Use

Only $195.00

(Other discounts do not apply.)

Requires 6 to 8 hours - 2 evenings, $540 - $720 VALUE!


Uninstall Trial Versions (trial versions expire)

Norton/McAfee/Other Anti-virus




Install and/or Update

Free Anti-virus

Malwarebytes Anti-Spy

Free-ware Office equivalent or end user’s Office

Acrobat Reader (Current Version)

Adobe Flash (Current Version)

Windows Classic Games

Screen Saver


Google Earth


Multimedia Viewers & Players

Icon Works

Windows Media Player (Current Version)

Set-up Desktop icons

Configure Power, Sleep & Desktop Settings

Download and Install all Windows Updates

Install Latest Windows Version/Service Pack

Set-up Internet Connection to your Internet Service Provider

Windows Plus

Configure default Internet browser

Adblock Plus

Clean-up & Configure Windows 8 Start Pane

Set Default Programs & Internet Browser

Configure/Associate Common Files to Common Programs

Install TSTCW Start Globe

Install TSTCW Shut Down & Restart Apps

Disk Cleanup

Set-up On-site

Download Printer Software from Manufacturer’s Website

Connect & Install Printer

Download User Manual


Configure Thunderbird/Outlook/Incredimail

Email Accounts/Folders/Mail Imported 1GB* ($95.00 each, if possible)

Configure Email Address & Servers

Import Address Book

Configure to Allow & Open Attachments & Pictures


Additional Personalized Services Available (Optional Fees Apply)

Install Additional Software Titles ($20.00 Minimum or $5.00 each)

Create & Load back-up files up to 10 GB $95.00 per user, *$10.00 per 10 GB thereafter

Remote Back-up & PC Match ($50.00)

Create Back-up media ($50.00 & up) No charge for webmail accounts

Additional Printers ($10.00 each)

Set-up, install and/or configure wireless printer ($20.00)

Configure Multiple Users ($20.00) (Not recommended)

Back-up & Restore Proprietary Data ($75.00 minimum)      

Set-up/re-configure new/current wireless network, labor only ($50.00)

Data Recovery of damaged/deleted/lost files ($100.00 & up)

Data Recovery from a non-working computer with a working hard drive ($50.00 & up) 


*Some items may not be installed due to system specifications



** The first time a new Windows computer is turned on, 3 pages of configuration questions require answers. 

These questions determine what you share with Microsoft and the Internet for the life of the computer. 

The Computer Wizard answers these questions in a way that minimizes security risks and the distribution of your personal information.

A computer should be reset if these questions are answered without understanding the effect.


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