Microsoft or other Security warning pop-up/lockout.

Do not call the number. 

Do not press the power button or unplug your computer

(Print this for future use)

Do this:


1.  Look at your KEYBOARD.  Locate the <CTRL> key and the <ALT> key.

2.  Locate the <DEL> or <DELETE> key. 

3.  While holding down the <CTRL> key and <ALT> key with your left hand, tap the <Del> key once.

4.  The screen should change.  Look on the bottom right corner of your SCREEN, click the circle with a line.  <<<Power

5.  Click Restart.

6.  When your computer comes back up, do not go to the website you were on for a couple of hours

7.  When you go back on the Internet, you may be asked to recover or restore the previous webpage.  Donít do it.

8.  If this does not work, call the Wizard.



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